We have big things planned for 2023

Pool Brain has big things planned for 2023 and we'll be launching a new release in January 2023.

Big things planned for 2023 💪

January 2023 release

This month we'll be launching another major release with:

  • an improved customer notes tab that shows which user added the note and when among other things,
  • new user permissions,
  • new technician permission (prevent certain techs from viewing/editing products/services in app),
  • auto-send route stop emails to multiple email addresses for a single property,
  • auto-send emails from your own domain/email address via Pool Brain,
  • detailed user/system activity logs added (invoices, one time jobs, route schedules, one time move activity, etc),
  • QBO sync indicators next to every invoice and payment in Pool Brain for quick reference and a lot more.
Full update notes will be announced and posted soon.


Also coming in 2023

  • Commission pay tracking system for technicians that complete jobs and/or get quotes approved with products/services you can specify.

  • View upcoming automatic invoice details and have the ability to add other products/services (skimmer baskets, o-rings, etc) to the invoice ahead of time so customers can be charged on one invoice at the end of the month.

  • Bulk actions to allow users to more easily make changes to settings company-wide, send or print a lot of invoices at once manually, delete jobs or invoices en masse if desired, etc.

  • Day specific checklist items so you can control which items appear in the technician workflow based on day of the week for multiple visit per week properties

  • Adding heaters as standard equipment to the equipment bar

  • Customer Portal improvements to give customers the ability to see all of their invoices/payments history, quotes history and the ability to manage more things with a "self serve" mindset.

  • A mass email system where users will be able to select a list of customer emails based on criteria like equipment type, zipcode, service level, past due invoice status, route move status, customer status, etc and then send an email to that list directly in Pool Brain using saved email templates or a message created on the fly.

  • A full inventory management system to track exactly what amounts of chemicals or parts you have on any truck, warehouse, shelf, you name it.

  • Automatic time averaging for routed properties so you know exactly how long a route should take any given time of the year with no additional effort

  • LSI

There are many other smaller items we have planned but these are the main features on our 2023 roadmap. We're beyond excited to bring these new powerful features to our customers and have a lot more planned for years to come. 

We wish everyone an amazing year with more time, more money and less stress. We're here to support you in that mission in 2023 and beyond!

- The Pool Brain Team

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