100+ Product Enhancements Added in 2022

Pool Brain added 100+ product enhancements in 2022 (no, you didn't read that wrong).

Happy New Year! 2022 has been amazing for Pool Brain and we're set to deliver even more in 2023. Let's recap what we accomplished last year and give you a sneak peak of what's coming.

We added 100+ product enhancements in 2022
(no, you didn't read that wrong)

You can view all update details here but the highlight reel is below:

January 2022

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  • Quotes
    • Create & manage quotes directly in the mobile app
    • Add pictures and captions to quote line items (web & app)
    • Enhanced look and feel of quotes sent to customers

  • Invoices
    • Create & manage quotes directly in the mobile app
    • Enhanced look and feel of invoices sent to customers
    • Company level invoice statuses
  • Products & Services - Taxes
    • Ability to manage taxes for specific products, services and line items

April 2022

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  • Scheduling Routes & Jobs
    • Multi Day Map Views - 1 day, 2 day or weekly views
    • Drag & drop easily between routes on different days
    • "Quick Add" button
    • Optimized scheduling in the field on mobile
  • Technician time report
    • Displays the number of days the tech worked in the period, the total hours worked and the hours worked for each day/date.
  • Quotes settings
    • Office notifications, quote status changes & default notes that appear at the bottom of every quote created.

June 2022

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  • Products & Services
    • Categories added and you can create up to 3 levels of subcategories, and now sync both ways using QBO (optional)
    • Chemicals in Settings are now linked to an actual product in products/services section
    • Automatically created route stop invoices display each chemical product line item instead of combining all chems into a single line item
    • Service levels now have an option to select which QBO income account they are associated with
  • Quickbooks Online Sync Changes
    • Products & Services now sync both ways (optional)
    • QBO will now use the income and/or expense account assigned to the product/service in QBO instead of using one account for everything
    • Products & Services in Pool Brain now show which income or expense account is assigned in QBO for quick reference

  • Income & Expense account enhancements for QBO

  • Creating New Customers/Addresses is Faster and Easier
    • Addresses auto-fill from a Google pick list as you type the address to save time and reduce mistakes

  • One time Jobs - system items (backwash, cleaned filter, cleaned salt cell) are automatically removed from workflows based on selected equipment

August 2022

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  • Customer Relationship Management
    • Ability to delete or archive customers
    • New statuses are automatically assigned to every customer - active (routed), active (no route), inactive, lead or archived
    • New search, filtering and report options
  • Payments - a company level payments section (on the Reports page) that displays # of total amounts of all payments by status: unapplied, partial, applied and refunds

October 2022

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  • Major Updates to "Add Chemicals" process in app
    • "Add Chemicals" workflow is now an item on the work in progress screen instead of being forced immediately after readings screen
    • Gallons calculator now displays directly on Add Chemicals screen if gallonage hasn't been entered for that body of water yet
    • Auto-dosing recommendations are now provided immediately after calculating a new gallonage
    • A "CONFIRM" button has been added for techs to confirm they've either added chems or won't be adding chems. Route stop activity list now displays the exact time the tech "confirmed" chemicals were added or not added in app

  • Chemical Reading & Dosing History in App
    • View readings and chems added for any time period quickly and easily by just dragging your finger across the graph

  • Automatic Swim Wait Message
    • Customizable swim wait message included automatically in customer email based on chems added (you choose which chems trigger the message)

  • Chemical Readings & Settings
    • Added 2 new chemical readings (bromine and borates)
    • Added the ability to turn off readings you don't use so they won't display in the app
    • Enhanced the location of chemical reading requirement/frequency settings and made them easier to use

  • 5 New Reports
    • Jobs Report, Invoice Summary Report, Invoice Line Item Report, Simplified Chemical Cost/Spend Report, and a Payments Report
    • All new reports are exportable as Excel files

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