New Features

New Features & Enhancements Recently Launched in January!

Customer notes tab, send email from your own domain, auto-send multiple route stop emails on a single property, web activity logs and more

January 2023 - New Features & Enhancements Recently Launched!

January 2023 Releases

We launched 100+ new features in 2022 and we've just launched some great new updates to Pool Brain, the #1 Pool Company Software platform for medium to large companies.

Featured Updates

  • New Customer Notes Tab
  • Auto-send multiple route stop emails for a single property
  • Send emails from your own domain/email address
  • New activity logs in web dashboard
  • Invoice and payment sync status indicators
  • New Technician Permission (one-time jobs)

Other updates in these releases

  • Chemicals added screen for one time jobs has been updated to match the most recent improvements for that screen on route stops (including viewing chem/reading history)
  • Max chlorine reading in app raised to 50ppm
  • Camera is now able to be zoomed in on Android devices
  • Job templates no longer have a "tax" setting option and will no longer overwrite the tax setting on a job when applied
  • Character count for quote notes section increased to 10k and vertical spacing format will appear as entered when customers view the notes
  • Customers that have been archived in Pool Brain but left active in QBO will sync updates (if any are made in QBO) without the system making the customer again in PB
  • System checks have been added to prevent a quote being approved more than once if a customer rapidly clicks the "Approve" button or if two people have the quote open simultaneously and both approve it.
  • ACH payments made in Pool Brain now show the last 4 digits of the bank account used on the payment for easy reference

Our team is working hard every day to ensure Pool Brain has the features you and your team need to give you more time, more money and less stress.

The January 2023 release was our tenth major release in the last two years and we have a lot more coming soon. 😎

View all the details of these new features here

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