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Orenda Rule Your Pool Podcast - Episode # 139 - Adam Beech and Eric Knight

Eric Knight, host of Orenda's Rule Your Pool Podcast talks with Adam Beech, CEO of Pool Brain, about the unique way Orenda's LSI calculator has been integrated into Pool Brain.


Episode Summary

Eric Knight interviews Adam Beech, the CEO and founder of Pool Brain, a pool company software platform for swimming pool service companies.

They talk about the growing pains of a pool service business and how Pool Brain has integrated the Orenda Calculator to expand its capabilities for the pool pro in the field.

Episode Notes

00:00 - Introduction

02:06 - What is PoolBrain?

04:40 - The pains of running a large pool service business

06:48 - A lack of data

09:42 - The power of standardization and checklists

14:43 - Growing vs. Scaling

21:58 - PoolBrain + Orenda Calculator™ integration

25:55 - Closing

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Thanks to Eric Knight, host of Orenda's Rule Your Pool podcast for sitting down with our CEO, Adam Beech. We hope you enjoy the podcast episode.

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