Pool Chaser's Podcast - Episode # 235 - Adam Beech, CEO of Pool Brain

The Pool Chaser's Podcast team talks with our CEO, Adam Beech, President of Pool Brain, an all-in-one online platform designed to streamline your medium-to-large pool company.


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Thanks to Greg and the Pool Chaser's team for sitting down with our CEO, Adam Beech last week. Adam really enjoyed the chat and we appreciate the opportunity to share our story with the industry. We hope you enjoy the podcast episode.

Below are the topics covered:

[03:47] Adam’s early pool career

[06:04] Creating Pool Brain (Pool Company Software)

[11:58] What the software can do that pool technicians can’t

[19:53] How Pool Brain’s makes your workflow smoother

[23:40] Automatic chemical dosing and built-in customer feedback

[27:47] Automatic swim wait notices

[31:59] Sending quotes for ongoing service

[35:08] Billing and other customer requests

[42:31] How Pool Brain can revolutionize your business

[46:04] The Pool Brain learning curve

[49:53] How technicians are charged on the platform

Today we talk with Adam Beech, President of Pool Brain, an all-in-one pool company software platform designed to streamline your medium-to-large pool company.

Adam got his start in the pool industry in 2007 when he and a friend bought a 60+ pool route, and promptly proceeded to lose all of those pools not long after! Undeterred, they eventually grew their business to roughly 35 trucks by 2013.

At that point, they hit a wall preventing them from scaling further, forcing them to think outside the box regarding how they might be able to stop spinning their wheels and win back the freedom to work on their business rather than in their business.

Eventually, they realized that if there was a way to standardize their process, in an industry where there are thousands of variables at play, the business would take off.

To that end, Adam created Pool Brain, a “unicorn platform” that organizes and makes infinitely more efficient every aspect of a pool business, from creating and managing quotes, to billing and payment processing, to scheduling and dispatch, to technician report cards, to route optimization.

Listen in as Adam breaks down Pool Brain’s most unique features and how their pool company software platform can revolutionize your pool business!

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