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May 2023 - New Updates Launched! 🚀

Quote sales & one time job commission pay tracking, Heaters added to equipment bar, Change prices in app, Create products/services in app...

#1 Pool Company Software Platform for Medium to Large Businesses

We just launched some more great new updates! 🚀 We have a LOT more coming soon and will keep you updated!

Featured Updates

  • Automatically track commissions for jobs and sales 
  • Heaters have been added to the equipment bar
  • Display or hide chemical info in route stop emails
  • View chemical reading/dosing history before starting job in app
  • Create products and services directly from search (web & app)
  • Change line item prices on the fly (web & app)
  • Technician app syncing has been re-engineered
  • Route and technician names display on map marker tooltips

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Other Improvements

  • A "load more" button now appears in product/service line item search on web if there are more products/services that match the search term than displayed
  • Moving properties via drag and drop in scheduling speed has been improved

  • Editing checklist item speed has been improved

  • Major system architecture changes/upgrades have been made in the backend for increased speed and stability across the board

  • Customers will no longer receive security notice errors when making payments if their system time clock is incorrect.

  • Most lists will now reference the date range when there are no items to display in the selected date range to make it more clear to users why they aren't seeing certain items

  • Moved category drop down selector on services to the same location as products for user experience consistency

  • Made it easier to tap on property address in app to launch directions navigation

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Our team works hard every day to ensure Pool Brain has the features our customers need to give them more time, more money and less stress. We have a LOT more coming soon and will keep you updated.

Whether you participated in a demo or even tried Pool Brain in the past, we are constantly moving forward and would love to show you why we're the #1 Pool Service Software for Medium to Large Companies.

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