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August 2023 - Alerts Management, Time on Site & Scheduling Enhancements Launched!

Alerts management improvements - view filtering, bulk dismissing, X consecutive visits trigger option, route stop times graph & more

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August 2023 Release

We've added some awesome features to improve the quality and amount of alerts received, the ability to view only the alerts you want to handle, and dismiss alerts in bulk if desired.

You can also now view route stop duration times on a graph to easily spot trends for route stops that take too much or too little time and quickly correlate them to a specific technician, time of year, etc.

Featured Updates

  • Route Stops - Technician Time on Site
    • Time on site graph now displays alongside the other graphs on customer, property and body of water pages

  • Alerts Management Improvements
    • View Filtering by any category (alerts, issue reports, not completed)
    • View Filtering by technician(s), issue report type(s) and/or alert type(s)
    • Trigger an alert if conditions are met for X visits in a row
    • Bulk dismiss all alerts being viewed 

  • Scheduling "Move Window" Improvements
    • Routes load faster
    • Routes for techs that are currently filtered will only be displayed
    • Technician name & picture now displayed
    • Search bar - filters the route list by route name or technician name

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Other Improvements

  • App battery life usage has been further optimized
  • When a credit card or ACH transaction declines, the specific reason is now displayed if it was returned to us by the payments API
  • Increased the max character count for body of water names to 50 characters
  • If a flat rate invoice was auto-created for a time period where no route stops were completed, the date range no longer includes the text "no route stops completed in date range". This was designed for per visit invoices and the logic remains the same for those.
  • Routes for each day now exist by default when new companies are created
  • 25+ help articles added/updated

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Our team works hard every day to ensure Pool Brain has the features our customers need to give them more time, more money and less stress. We have a LOT more coming soon and will keep you updated.

Whether you participated in a demo or even tried Pool Brain in the past, we are constantly moving forward and would love to show you why we're the #1 Pool Service Software for Medium to Large Companies.

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